To date AP has worked with two communities. We have raised a lot of money, all of which has gone to the source of need. We have organised incredible donations of sports merchandise such as kits, balls and boots. We have provided FA qualified coaches and well-educated volunteers. We have built football pitches and arranged for the use of world-class facilities.

To continue and grow our work we need your support! Your involvement and generous donations assist AP in realising our goals. Whatever you are able to give, your contribution will make a significant difference to the children, families and communities that we support. Donations can be currency based or resource based. 

Material Donations

We are always looking for football-related sports equipment or attire (e.g. Shirts, Shorts, Boots etc.). Please let us know what you have and we will let you know if we can use it. Just drop us an email.

Financial Donations & Sponsorship

Any amount makes a difference. Please follow the donate button on our home page.

We need help transporting teams to and from matches. If you are involved with a reliable transport system please let us know! Alternatively any sponsorship would greatly assist in this regard.

Nourishing game-day meals are key to our project. We are currently looking for a new food sponsor, please email us if you can be of assistance :)

If you have a background in coaching, or any other extra-curricular activity, come spend the afternoon with us! The players love broadening their horizons new activities!


We also support people to host their own fund-raising events on behalf of AP. We are happy to help organize, run, or host any fund-raising events.

In whichever, and whatever, way you can contribute we hope you understand that you are making a huge difference to real peoples lives and futures. We will keep every contributer up-to-date with where and what they have influenced. Please help to keep our good work alive in the years ahead by contacting us now.

All of African Passions is grateful and incredibly thankful for your generosity :)

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